Des Moines Botanical Center

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Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden explores, explains, and celebrates the world of plants. With indoor and outdoor horticulture for all kinds of weather and seasons the garden provides close encounters

 with plants. These gardens celebrate beauty and sustainability with the combined strength of people, plants, and passion.



Inside the conservatory you find tropical plants and exotic flowering plants, that are sheltered by palms and other trees that aren’t native to Iowa nor can they survive the winter without shelter. They have exotic bromeliads native to South America. And many many different types of cacti to be seen.

Inside Des Moines Botanical Garden



The outside gardens teem with thousands of plants. In which you get to experience the Midwest from the first winter thaw to the season ending frost. These gardens celebrate the seasons and have plants for all types of seasons. There is always something here to heighten the senses.


They have three plant collections. The botanical garden has a Bonsai collection is a historically important collection. Donated in 1979, it was a gift by Ruth Ladany in memoriam of her husband. There is a Coleus and Plectranthus collection that boasts over 650 distinct cultures. The last of the three collections is an orchid collection which has about 28,000 species recorded.

Flower Collection