Why Get Pre-Qualified?

1. Pre-qualification acts as a dry run of the loan application process. The mortgage lender will use details you provide about your credit, income, assets and debts to arrive at an estimate of how much mortgage you can afford. The whole process may take only minutes or a few hours at most, and is free.

2. While a "pre-qual" is non-binding to the lender (because the information you provide has not been verified), it does serve as a good indication to potential sellers of your general creditworthiness.

3. These days most sellers will NOT accept an offer without at least a pre-approval letter, so if you are serious about buying this is the first step towards getting you in your new home.


Mortgage Partners

James Garman                                                                       Douglas Glade                         
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union                                             Compass Mortgage                  
515-341-5647                                                                        515-400-8987                          
jgarman@ihmvcu.org                                                              DouglasGlade@compmort.com                                       
www.ihmvcu.org                                                                     compassmortgage.com                           

Doug Buchholz                                                                         Isaac Young
Home Services Lending                                                             New American Funding                   
515-971-0230                                                                          515-238-8844
dougbuchholz@homeserviceslending.com                                   Isaac.Young@nafinc.com
dougbuchholz.homeserviceslending.com                                    newamericanfunding.com


Dana Christiansen                                                                    Brad Parker
Northwest Bank                                                                       Bank Iowa
515-223-2218                                                                         515-226-2451/C: 515-710-5581
dchristiansen@bank-northwest.com                                          bparker@bankiowa.bank
https://www.nw.bank/mortgage/                                              www.bankiowa.bank                


David Baker                                                                            Mike Kentfield
Halo Capital                                                                            Legacy Bank
515-974-6908                                                                         515-276-7010
DavidB@SayHalo.com                                                              mkentfield@banklegacy.com
www.sayhalo.comhttps                                                             https://www.banklegacy.com

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